The M Company

Here to optimize and revolutionize the way you use existing technology.

The M Company is oriented towards one goal: optimization. Technology is advancing at a speed never seen before. We wish to make a difference in the industry by focusing on making existing technologies better using software. By going back to basics and reinventing them, we will make your virtual environment more automated, and thus, faster.

Products is a web application designed to help designers find alternative fonts in seconds. Using an algorithm, it can help you find fonts more (or less) serious, detailed, formal, etc. to the one you input. was featured in Product Hunt and international media outlets such as, wwwhatsnew, and TekCrispy.


Vanish is an award-nominated online guide that helps people vanish off the internet, in an era where internet privacy is the main worry of users.

Vanish became a success through none other than social media itself, in an ironic set of events. Sites such as Product Hunt and Twitter's tech community shared it, helping users who wish to break free from their social media addiction.

Coming Soon


Sole Media will get rid of the clutter that is having several social media apps on your phone.

M Tool Launcher

The M Tool Launcher will optimize your phone by organizing your apps in time-saving slides, as well as offering a game-changing layout making true multitasking a reality.

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